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24. STRUCTURAL AND DIELECTRIC STUDY OF SR2+ SUBSTITUTED BARIUM HEXAFERRITE by Y. Abdu and I. M. Musa Volume 14, (January - March, 2021 Issue)
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Y. Abdu and I. M. Musa

Department of Physics, Bayero University, Kano. Nigeria.

Department of Physics, Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State. Nigeria.


The synthesis of Sr2+ substituted M-type Barium nanohexaferrites with Ba1-xSr0.2Fe12O19 (x= 0.20, and 0.7) chemical compositions was successfully carried out via sol-gel auto-combustion technique. The formation of single phase hexagonal ferrites with presence of hematite phase was confirmed from XRD spectra which diminish with the substitution. the cystallites sizes were in the range of 26.40nm-29.91nm, the lattice constants were found to decrease with increase in ions substitutions.  The FTIR spectra of the sample show three dominants peaks in the range 400-600 cm-1 which indicate the formation of the desired hexaferrites structure. The dielectric properties typical of hexaferrites with low dielectric loss was confirmed on all the samples which decreases with the substitution. The dielectric constant was enhanced at high frequency in the entire sample and reduction of dielectric loss was also observed which was dependent on ions substitutions. The grain boundary resistance contributes most to the dielectric properties as indicated by the Nyquist plot, whereas the AC conductivity is the dominant conducting mechanism in the material which was found to decrease with increase in ions substitutions. The properties of the synthesized material could be useful for applications in electronics and high frequency absorbing devices.

Keywords: M-type nano-hexaferrites, sol-gel auto-combustion, metal ions substitutions, materials properties.