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47. VULNERABILITY OF CARS TO REPLAY ATTACK by Idubor O.S. and Dauda A.Volume 50 (March, 2019 Issue)
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Idubor O.S. and Dauda A.

Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, University of Benin


This paper exposes some of the vulnerabilities in Remote Keyless Entry systems for some vehicles by performing a wireless replay attack, we will provide suggestions on how to keep your cars safe despite these vulnerabilities. HackRF One was the Software Defined Radio (SDR) peripheral of choice. Using a SDR peripheral to design a wireless replay attack system enabled us to implement different radio systems while using the same hardware. Two different systems were designed; a simple replay system, a jam and replay system. The simple replay system is designed for a Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems based on fixed code while the jam and replay is designed for RKE systems based on rolling code. In carrying out a wireless replay, the systems designed was tested against a Remote-Controlled (RC) car. This was done to ensure the robustness of the designed system before testing on an actual car. A Honda CR-V 2000 Model was also tested against our design. Our results show that replay attacks were successful even when the signal was captured at a distance of 20 m. Finally, we propose immediate mitigation measures that minimize the risk of relay attacks.

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