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31. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF 5.5KVA SOLAR POWER SYSTEM: CASE STUDY OF USEN COMMUNITY, NIGERIA by Iguisi A.E., Ucho L and Omenai F.I.Volume 45 (March, 2018), pp 231 – 236
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This study was carried out to investigate the performance of a 5.5KVA stand alone solar photovoltaic system by determining the cell operating factor and cell efficiency of the system.  The 5.5KVA stand alone photovoltaic system is made up of a 48V inverter, twenty (20) solar panels of 80N, 12V each, eight (8) deep cycle batteries of 150AH, 12V each, a 60A Tristar Solar controller, a digital multimeter for measuring the voltage produced by the solar panels and analog panel meter for measuring the current produced by the solar panels.  The system was operated for the months of October, 2017 through to April, 2018 and voltage and current readings were taken for all the days from 6.00am in the morning to 8.00pm in the evening. Maximum power output, fill factor and efficiency were calculated and presented. Results show that the average cell operating factor/fill factor for the twenty solar panels was found to be 0.49, while the average efficiency was obtained to be 9.05%. T hese values are however, lower than the laboratory or theoretical values, implying that the solar panels are usually tested under standard test conditions, insulation varies daily and seasonally from one location another.

Keywords: Photovottaic, solar panels, efficiency, fill factor, performance.