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19. INVESTIGATION ON REGULATION OF FAN ROTATION SPEED USING FUZZY INFERENCE SYSTEM by Ali Maianguwa Shuaibu, James Andrawus, Salisu Murtala and Sale Ali. Volume 45 (March, 2018), pp 143 – 150
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In this paper, the concepts of the extension principle and fuzzy logic, which expand the notions and applicability of fuzzy set were reviewed. A description of the general outline of fuzzy inference system is presented, followed by an investigation of each of the steps in the design of fuzzy controller. These steps include; choice of inputs, rule base, fuzzy quantification, and fuzzification, inference and defuzzification mechanisms. Furthermore, the problem of the regulation of fan rotation speed, depending on air temperature was analyzed. Rules within fuzzy inference system were established in order to register the changes of the parameters, through the help of Matlab tool, which enables the graphical display of dependence of the observed parameters. From the graphical display of air temperature influence to fan speed, it was concluded that room temperature matches average value of fan speed, and that temperatures above 35° is the requirement for the highest fan rotation speed.

Keywords: Crisp, Defuzzification, Fuzzification, Fuzzy Inference System.