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34. Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Flow Model Of A Fourth Grade Fluid In A Porous Medium BY Aroloye S.J, Fenuga O.J and Abiala I.O Transactions of NAMP Volume 5,(September and November, 2017), pp 263 – 270
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Analysis is carried out to study the time dependent flow of an incompressible electrically conducting fourth grade fluid over an infinite porous plate in the presence of suction/injection, Darcy’s resistance and magnetic field. A magnetic field is applied in the transverse direction to the flow. The governing nonlinear higher order partial differential equation for this flow is modelled. Translation symmetries in variable t and y are employed to construct two different classes of the exact close–form travelling wave solutions of the model equation. The physical behaviour and the properties of various interesting flow parameters on the structure of the velocity are presented graphically and discussed. Also, the importances of the rheological effects are mentioned. It is found that suction and injection have opposite role on flow velocity. The velocity field as well as the boundary layer thickness, decrease with an increase in the suction parameter. It also found that the magnetic field control the boundary layer thickness. It is depicted that the shock wave solution obtained is going to be very helpful in carrying out further analysis of the shock wave behaviour associated with the non-Newtonian fluid flow models.

Keyword: Fourth grade fluid. Lie symmetry approach.MHD flow, travelling wave solutions. Porous Medium.