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31. A Note on the Analysis of 3n Factorial Experiments BY Dawodu G.A, Apantaku F.S, Adeogun A.I and Asiribo O.E Transactions of NAMP Volume 5,(September and November, 2017), pp 241 – 250
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Whenever a factorial experiment is not appropriately planned and its lay-out or randomization process is wrongly chosen, the analyses tend to be difficult and its interpretation is rendered meaningless and it becomes grossly inadequate. The 32 factorial, for example, is the easiest and simplest in the family of 3n,    factorial experiments, yet if it is ill-planned with inappropriate lay-outs and randomization processes, it can be quite difficult to carry-out with clumsy and inexplicable results, for some research works. This paper purports to present valid and generalizable techniques from 3n, n = 2, 3 factorials to higher members of the 3n family in a simplified and reusable form. At least, an illustration of each proposed technique is also included for the readers’ perusal and appreciation.

Keyword: 3n series, experimental lay-out, randomization process, Yates’ notations and Confounding.