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23. Multiswitching Combination Synchronization in High Dimensional Hyperchaotic Systems by S.O. Ogundipe, J.A.Laoye,U.E. Vincent and R.K.Odunaike Transactions NAMP vol 5, (September and November, 2017), pp 173 - 182
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In this paper, we further examine and analyze multi-switching combination synchronization (MSCS) using a 5-dimensional hyperchaotic system. In the MSCS master-slave scheme in which the synchronization takes place in diverse/multiple combination directions, we show that for the 3D chaotic and 4D hyperchaotic systems maximum of 27 and 256 switches grouped into 5 and 15, respectively are allowable. We further obtained 3125 switches for the 5D system grouped into 52 parts using their dimensions. This shows the high variabilities of switches available in higher dimension for information encoding; and its security implication for signal transmission. We performed numerical simulations to demonstrate MSCS in the case of 5D hyperchaotic system.

Keyword: Multi-switching, combination synchronization, high-dimensional systems, hyperchaotic systems