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16. Variable Viscosity, Nonlinear Thermal Radiation And Slip Effects On Unsteady MHD Micropolar Fluid in a Porous Medium in the Presence of Thermophoresis and Ohmic Heating BY Yusuf T. A. and Gbadeyan J. A. Trans NAMP vol 5, (Sept. Nov,2017), pp 127-140
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In this study, the effect of variable viscosity, Soret number and non-linear thermal radiation on an unsteady hydromagnetic mixed convection heat and mass transfer of a micropolar fluid past a vertical stretching sheet through a porous medium with slippage, thermophoresis, Ohmic heating and heat source is investigated. An optically thick limit approximation for radiation heat flux is assumed. The governing boundary layer equations for the model are reduced using similarity transformation to a set of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations The transformed equations are then integrated numerically using the fourth-fifth order Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg integration scheme. Influence of various physical parameters on the dimensional velocity, microrotaion, temperature, concentration, velocity gradient, wall coupled stress, temperature gradient and concentration gradient are shown graphically and discussed in detail. The results obtained are compared with those from previous studies and found to be in good agreement. It is noticed that the rate of heat transfer at the surface decelerates with an increase in a thermophoretic parameter, while the reverse is noticed for the local Sherwood number.

Keyword: Micropolar fluid, slip condition, porous medium, thermophoresis, nonlinear thermal radiation