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13. Vibration Analysis Of A Clamped-Clamped Rayleigh Beam Resting On Vlasov foundation And Under Partially Distributed Loads BY S.T. Oni and O.K. Ogunbamike Transactions NAMP vol 5, (September and November, 2017), pp 87 – 100
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The response of a prestressed Rayleigh beam with uniform cross-section and finite length supported by a two-parameter Vlasov foundation subjected to a partially distributed moving load is studied in this paper. The governing differential equation are obtained and are solved by paying attention on the boundary condition of the problem at the clamped-clamped end of the beam resting on a two-parameter foundation. The governing equation of the problem is evaluated using generalized Finite Integral Transform in conjunction with variation of parameters and Fresnel sine and Fresnel cosine identities. Numerical results are presented both in figures and graphs to demonstrate the behaviour of the beam-foundation system for various values of the foundation parameters of the problem of the moving load. Hence, this further confirms that certain parameters of the moving load must always be taken into consideration for accurate and safe assessment of the response to moving load which plays a vital role in structural design.

Keyword: Elastic beam, vibration, two-parameter foundation, moving load.