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3. Existence, Enumeration and Structure Of The Combinatorial Algorithms For Communication Problems by M. Laisin Transactions of NAMP Vol. 5,(Sept and Nov., 2017), pp 23 – 26
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 In this paper, we address the problem of existence, enumeration and structure of the combinatorial elements in telephone number plan and Internet Addresses for communication subscribers. We propose a novel approach for this type of communication problems based on the generation algorithm produces for a list of all the combinatorial structures of a particular type in a certain order, such as lexicographic or minimal change order. However, in enumeration, we compute the number of different elements such that, the communication problem of large numbers of subscribers which has resulted to insecurity, interruption and congestion in the system be given an adequate look.

Keywords:  k- inclusion, k-non-inclusion, r-arrangement, combinatorial structures, telephone number plan,  Internet Address plan