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48. Determination of the Levels of Radioisotopes Constituents of Agricultural Farmlands in Some Selected Areas of Benue State, Nigeria.BY Tyovenda A., Egwaba E and Sombo T JNAMP Vol. 43,(Sept. and Nov., 2017), pp 351 – 360
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The activity concentrations of naturally occurring radionuclides, (40K,226R and232Th) and their corresponding daughter radionuclides(212Pb, 214Pb, , 226Ac 228Ac, 224Ra,230Th, and 235U) were detected and measured using a High Purity Germanium Detector for soil samples collected from Gboko, Otukpo, Makurdi and Dawudu. The average activity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in soil samples were found to be 58.3096Bq/kg, 45.156Bq/kg and 129.580Bq/kg, respectively. The result (129.58Bq/Kg) obtained for40K is less than the worldwide value of 400Bq/kg while the results (58.3096Bq/kg and 45.156Bq/kg) obtained for226R and232Thare slightly higher than the worldwide average values of 35 and 30 Bq/kg respectively. The average outdoor absorbed dose and the annual effective dose rates due to 226Ra, 232Th and 40K were observed to be 58.80nGyh-1 and 72.9μSvy-1, respectively; which are lower than the world average value of 59.55nGyh-1 and 80μSvy-1. The radium equivalent activity and external hazard indices were also less than the world average values. The daughter radionuclides were compared with the result obtained from virgin soil and the results were higher than that of the virgin soil.

Keywords: Activity Concentration, Absorbed Dose, Effective Dose, Radium equivalent, radioisotope and World Average Values