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26. Wind Speed Modeling With Some Selected Meteorological Variables BY Dikko H.G.,Odekina G.O.and Dahiru T.JNAMP Vol. 43,(Sept. and Nov., 2017), pp 189 – 194
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This study looks at Wind Speed Modelling using the Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Model. The cointegrated vector autoregressive model was applied on a 30 year daily data obtained from the Department of Soil Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The data consist of rainfall, pressure, humidity, sunshine, air temperature, earth temperature, evaporation and wind speed. The cointegrated vector autoregressive model shows that all of the meteorological variables except humidity significantly affect wind speed. It was also found that each of the meteorological variables have varying effects on Wind speed over a future time horizon as depicted by the Impulse Response Function. This study therefore posits that wind speed is being influenced by all meteorological variables and therefore, the presence of these meteorological variables leads to greater wind speed of wind turbines.

Keywords: Cointegrated vector autoregressive model, Cointegrating rank, Impulse response function, Wind speed