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12. MHD Free Convective Heat Transfer Flow of an Electrically Conducting Fluid Along A Vertical Porous Medium in the Presence Of Variable Viscosity by Oyem O. A., Ajogbon M.andSalifu A. M.JNAMP Volume 43,(Sept. and Nov., 2017), 73 – 80
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The study of a steady, incompressible, viscous fluid flow of a variable viscosity and thermal diffusivity with viscous dissipation and heat source effects on free convective heat transfer along a moving vertical porous medium is considered. The governing partial differential equations are transformed using similarity variable to a set of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations and solved numerically using Runge-Kutta fourth order scheme with shooting technique implemented with MATLAB. The numerical results are tabulated and the effects on velocity and temperature profiles of the governing parameters are displayed graphically.

Keyword: MHD, porous medium, variable viscosity, thermal diffusivity, Eckert number