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20. Laplace Transform-Chebyshev Collocation Method for Solving Third-Order Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems by A.O. Adewumi1, O.M. Ogunlaran and R.A. Raji Transactions of NAMP Volume 4, (July, 2017), pp 109 – 114.
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In this paper, a new method for the approximate and exact solutions of third-order multi-point boundary value problems is presented. In this method, a new trial solution is constructed by the Laplace transform method which is later substituted into the original equation to obtain the residual equation. The new method is tested on linear and nonlinear multi-point problems and the computational results obtained are reported. The results obtained are also compared with solutions of other existing methods in the Mathematics literature to show the accuracy and computational efficiency of the method.

Keywords: Laplace transform method, collocation method, multi-point boundary value problems, linear and nonlinear problems