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13. Solution of Certain Boundary-Value Problems In A Semi-Finite Domain By AdomianSumudu Transform Decomposition Method by E.I. Akinola and O.M. Ogunlaran Transactions of NAMP Volume 4,(July, 2017), pp 61 – 66
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This paper presents a simple modification of Sumudu Transform method for the solution of the generalized extended Blasius equation with the two forms of boundary conditions. Pade approximation is used to deal with the first form of boundary conditions while Wang Transformation and Pade approximation are used for the second form of boundary conditions. Adomian Polynomials are employed to decompose the nonlinear terms involved.  Comparison of the results obtained with the existing results show the reliability and effectiveness of the method.

Keywords: Adomian Polynomials, Blasius equation, Pade approximation, Sumudu Transform