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34. The Parameterization of Humid Tropical Surface-Layer Aerodynamic Resistance to Heat Transfer using Modified Louis Scheme by Akinnubi R.T and Adeniyi M.O Transactions of NAMP Volume 3, (Jan. 2017), pp 263 – 270
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Accurate estimation of aerodynamic resistance to heat transfer (ra)is needed in the characterization of turbulent heat fluxes for effective monitoring of the global energy budget.The original Louis ParameterizationScheme (LPS)was modified by the inclusion of near surface soil moisturefor calculating the aerodynamic resistance to heat transfer for a humid tropical region. The model outputs were compared with the raestimated from eddy correlation data obtained from Nigeria Micrometeorological Experimental site (NIMEX-1) observations. The modified LPS reduced the RMSE by 33.22 sm-1and 4.18 sm-1 for unstable and stable conditions respectively.  Consequently, the modified LPSshowed a pattern very similar to the observations, although for stable conditions and periods with relatively low radiative cooling effect, the modification does not have noticeable effect on the aerodynamic resistance prediction, but the improvement becomes more significant for unstable conditions. The results showed that the diurnal values of aerodynamic resistance during daytime were higherfor dry periods than wet periods.The modifiedLPS can be used by atmospheric modeling system for more varied surfaces and a wide range of atmospheric stability.

Keywords: Aerodynamic resistance, Soil moisture, Surface layer, Modeling, Diurnal.