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30. On the Foundation of Hadronic Mechanics: Iso-Mechanics and Geno-Mechanics by Godfrey E. Akpojotor Transactions of NAMP Volume 3, (Jan. 2017), pp 237 – 244
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Hadronic mechanics was developed to be an extension of quantum mechanics. In this current study, the motivation for this extension, the formulation of hadronic mechanics from the general dynamic equation for the actual analytical description of nature as envisaged in both Lagrange and Hamilton original works and the need for new mathematical covering of this formulation are examined. The purpose is to provide useful background study to those interested in hadronic mechanics especially those interested in our theory of superconductivity whichis based on hadronic mechanics and has been used to progressively account for unconventional superconductivity hence has a sufficient natural foundation for a generalized theory of superconductivity.

Keywords: Quantum mechanics, Hadronic mechanics, Hadronic mathematics, unitarity, algebraic structure