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27. Dynamic Performance of Variable Bi-parametric Elastic Subgrade on Simply Supported Uniform Rayleigh Beam Travelling with Constant Velocity by S.N. Ogunyebi and Oni S.T. Transactions of NAMP Vol 3, (Jan, 2017), pp 215 – 222
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This study presents the comprehensive investigation of the dynamic characteristics of bi-parametric elastic foundation on prismatic simply-supported thick beam carrying moving distributed masses at uniform speed. An approach involving Generalized Galerkin’s method, the Struble’s asymptotic technique and Laplace method is developed. Analytical solutions of the model equations describing the motion of the vibrating structures are obtained and the results show that the higher the values of the variable bi-parametric elastic foundation, the lower the dynamic response amplitude of the prismatic simply supported Rayleigh beam at constant speed.

Keywords: Prismatic, Prestressed, Resonance, Vibration, Galerkin’s method