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16. Optimal Control of Rabies in a Meta-population Model by IssaI T., Aderinto Y.O., Afolabi A.O. and B.M. Yisa Transactions of NAMP Vol 3, (Jan, 2017), pp 99 – 110
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Rabies is a dangerous disorderin humans and animals central nervous system leading to convulsions, inability to move from one place to another and untypical behavior.The present effort is to characterize the mathematical model of Rabiesand theeffect of vaccine distribution with application to Rabies and bats in a meta-population model. Three classes of population wereconsidered for the purpose of the study namely; Susceptible, Infected, and the Removed class (SIR). The optimality system for the model was established, existence and uniqueness results for the system was also derived in an attempt to minimize the number of individuals that will be infected. Finally, the optimality system for the model was solved numerically using Runge-kutta fourth order scheme in particular. The result obtained shows that vaccination is a very efficient factor in minimizing the outbreak of the Rabies among the population.

Keywords: Optimal control, Rabies, bats, metapopulation model, vaccine distribution

AMS (MOS) Subject Classification Codes: 49-XX; 34K35; 35H05.