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14. Sensitivity Analysis of the Mathematical Model Parameters of the HBV Disease Transmission Dynamics with Controls by R.O. Aja, D. Omale and G.C.E. Mbah Transactions of NAMP Vol 3, (Jan, 2017), pp 83 – 92
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In this research paper, the sensitivity analysis of the existence of Hepatitis B virus infection with respect to the parameters of the model of HBV infection with controls were carried out. The basic reproduction number R_0 was calculated and consequently used to carry out the sensitivity analysis using mathcad. The result showed that π(recruitment) and β(contact rate for HBV infectious individuals with the susceptible individuals) with sensitivity index of +1.00 each are the most sensitive parameters that affect the transmission dynamics of HBV infection in the population.  These parameters enhances the infectivity of the disease, and so must be targeted seriously in the control strategy to ensure that the disease is wiped out totally.

Keywords: Sensitivity Analysis, Hepatitis B Virus, parameters, Basic Reproduction Number, Infectivity, Transmission dynamics, Mathcad.