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6. Relating Bernoulli Numbers and Euler Numbers from their Generating Functions, And Through Trigonometry by J.N. Igabari and P. E. Ezimadu Transactions of NAMP Vol 3, (Jan, 2017), pp 29 – 32
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Bernoulli Numbers and Euler Numbers are two classes of special numbers that have wide applications in the resolution of power series, and in the evaluation of moments and cumulants of a statistical distribution. In this work, the method of generating functions is employed to show that both types of numbers can be expressed in terms of trigonometry. This trigonometrical characterization is further explored to establish a connection between Bernoulli Numbers and Euler Numbers. The work also attempts to provide approximate trigonometric expressions for both Bernoulli and Euler Numbers.

Keywords: Bernoulli Numbers, Euler Numbers, Generating functions, trigonometry and Hyperbolic functions.