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26. Bingham Fluid Model for Steady Flow in a Multi-Irregular Stenosed Artery by E.O. Oghre & F.M. Okoronkwo Transactions of NAMP Vol 2, (Nov., 2016), pp 291 – 298
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The effect of multi-irregular shaped stenoses on non-Newtonian fluid through an axially symmetric, laminar, steady, one-dimensional flow of blood in the artery has been investigated. Blood has been treated as a non-Newtonian fluid obeying Bingham plastic fluid equation in which fluid does not flow beyond the yield stress value, and above the yield value, the fluid flow is possible. The artery is model as having irregular stenoses.The problem is solved using analytical techniques. The expressions for the flow characteristics, namely, the blood pressure gradient, the skin friction, the blood flow rate and velocity are obtained. Variations in volumetric flow rate with increasing axial variable for different blood viscosity and yield stress parameter have been shown graphically. It is observed that the flow rate increases with increasing yield stress values and decreases for increasing viscosity. We conclude that the multi-irregular shaped stenosis has more effect on non-Newtonian flow of blood than Newtonian fluid.

Keywords: Non-Newtonian fluid flow rate, pressure gradient, shear stress, stenosis, wall shear stress.