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19. On the Study of Saturation Terms on the Infected Individual in Susceptible-Exposed Infected-Recovered- Susceptible (SEIRS) Epidemic Model by M.O. Olayiwola and M.K.Kolawole Transactions of NAMP Volume2,(November, 2016), pp 181 – 186
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In this paper, the effect of saturation terms for the infected individual in susceptible–exposed infected-recovered-susceptible epidemic model was considered. The saturation terms as used in the model are that parameters that determine the sociological and physiological effect on an infected individual during the outbreak or spread of a particular disease. Hence, the more the orientation of a particular disease to infected individual, the more the tendency to control or get rid such a disease

Therefore, the result shows that as the saturation term for the infected individual increases, the susceptible and recovered individual increase drastically and at a point the disease dies out.

Keywords: Variational iteration method, saturation terms, epidemic model, susceptible and recovered individual, system of differential equations