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13. The Effect of Improved Gear System And Blades Number on The Performance Coefficient of Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine BY I.M. Adam and T.H. Darma Transactions of NAMP Volume2,(November, 2016), pp 125 – 130
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The gear system and turbine design features play a significant role in the overall performance of a wind turbine. In this work, the effect of the improved gear system on the power output by the rotor blades in performance coefficient of vertical axis wind turbine VAWT is explored.  Operation of VAWT at higher blade speed ratios offers numerous important advantages over low blade speed ratio but suffer from thrust drag that degrades their performance. The four blades Savonius VAWT were designed, constructed, and investigated in order to determine the power output. The calculated theoretical power was found to be 350.00watt at wind speed of 7.66m/s; and, an extracted power from the wind was experimentally noted as 270.00watt at the speed of 7.64m/s. The performance coefficient of the two power outputs at almost same speed was 0.69 at an altitude of 523m above sea-level.

Keywords: Renewable energy, wind power, vertical axis wind turbine, rotor shaft, plastic gear.