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31. Stability Analysis of HBV Epidemic Model with Non-Monotonic Incidence Function by A.K. Dotia, M.O. Ibrahim, K.A. Bello, B.M. Yisa, B.M. Ahmed Transactions Vol 1, (Nov. 2015), pp 281 – 290.
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In this paper, we present an hepatitis B model with non-monotonic incidence function. The model, which is ofthe form of system of nonlinear differential equations, are constructed. This epidemic model is investigated fordifferent classes of infectious diseases that can be transmitted through an effective contact with an infectiveindividuals, who are contagious (symptomatic and asymptomatic carrier). Mathematical analysis are carriedout, that determines the equilibria solutions and the stability analysis of the equilibria of the model, usingnonlinear Lyapunov function of Goh-Volterra type. In addition, we obtained the numerical simulation to verify

the model predictions.  The result suggest that the endemic nature of the model is approaching equilibriumwith increase immunization program and other control measures put in place

Keywords: Hepatitis B, endemic, stability, equilibrium