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30. Global Stability of HBV Epidemic Model by A.K. Dotia1, M.O. Ibrahim, K.A. Bello, B.M. Yisa, and B.M. Ahmed. Transactions Vol 1, (Nov. 2015), pp 273 – 280
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In this paper, we present an hepatitis B model with multiple transmission ways of the acute counsel, uncounseland carrier infection classes and derive the basic reproduction number, which indicates that hepatitis B isendemic.  Existence of Disease Free and Endemic Equilibrium State are carried-out.  The disease free and endemic equilibria are shown to be globally asymptotically stable.  In addition, we obtained the numerical simulation to verify the model predictions.   The results suggest that the endemic nature of the model was stable.  However, if the control measure put in place can be maximize, then the model can be use to predict the effectiveness of the prophylactic vaccination program in sustaining the population from the spread of the disease

Keywords: Hepatitis B, basic reproduction number, endemic, stability, equilibrium