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24. Convergence Speed of Some Hybrid Schemes For The Class of Contractive-Type Maps In Locally Convex Spaces by Akewe Hudson Transactions of NAMP Vol. 1, (Nov., 2015), pp 209 – 220
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In this paper, we study the convergence of Picard-multistep-type iterative schemes and use the schemes to approximate the fixed point of contractive-like map in complete metrizable locally convex spaces. We also investigate their convergence speed (using PYTHON 2.5.4) with others (Mann, Picard-Mann, Ishikawa, Picard-Ishikawa, Noor, Picard-Noor and multistep) for increasing and decreasing functions. The results show that Picard-multistep-SP and multistep-SP converges faster than the other schemes for the functions under this study. Our convergence results generalize and extend multitude of results in the literature, including the results ofBerinde (2004).

Keywords and Phrases: Strong convergence, hybrid iterative schemes, contractive-like map, convergence speed, metrisable locally convex spaces