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42. A Practical Demonstration of the Cumulative Effect of Noise in Submarine Ukagwu K.J., Edet B.E J,Azi S.O.and Andikara J.N.Volume 42, (July, 2017), pp321 – 328
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Erbium doped Fibre Amplifiers (EDFA) has found applications in many communication systems. The performance depends on the components of the electronic devices found in the system (like Pump power, fibre length and the ratio of the optical and electrical filter bandwidth).

The data is acquired from an existing link connecting Yzerfontein in South Africa to Lekki in Nigeria across 89 repeaters by connecting an RS232 cable at the F interface of the 1660 SM NE (PFE) to the 1320 CT, Craft Terminal proposed for the Q3 Network Elements which is a standardized network management interface, according to ITU-T recommendations. The acquired data was analyzed with Excel.

It is observed that the excess noise in the link accumulates as the signal propagates from the transmitting station to the receiving station. This work has been able to show that the network under consideration has a noise value higher than the 1.5 dB threshold at some ponits using discriptive analysis. 

Keywords: Repeater (Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier), APDs, Excess noise, cummulative noise, communication system.