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22. The Stability of Triangular Points in the Elliptic Restricted Three-Body Problem (Er3bp) With Oblateness Zonal Harmonic up to J_4of the Smaller Primary by Tyokyaa K. R., Tikyaa E.V. and Orverem M. J. Volume 42, (July, 2017), pp159 – 164
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This paper analyzes the motion of an infinitesimal mass in the framework of the elliptic restricted three-body problem with oblateness up to zonal harmonic J_4 of the smaller primary. We examined the locations and stability of triangular points in the elliptic restricted three-body Problem (ER3BP) when the smaller primary is considered as oblate spheroids with oblateness up to J_4 for the systems: Alpha Centauri and Kruger 60. The positions of the triangular points are seen to be affected by oblateness of the primary and the eccentricity of the orbit and the stability of the triangular points are unstable for the aforementioned systems.

Keywords: Smaller primary, triangular points, oblateness, zonal harmonics.