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15. Non Repairable 2-out-of-3 System Reliability Prediction under Online and Offline PreventiveMaintenance with Replacement at System Failure by B.T Usman,I. Yusuf, G.H Anka,B. Sani and Z.I Mayaki Volume 42, (July, 2017), pp107 – 112
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In this paper, one probabilistic model for a three unit redundant system is discussed. The concept of inspection policy has also been considered to the system and there are three identical units in the model. The system is considered in up-state if two units are working. A single server is available which plays the dual role of inspection and replacement. He takes some times to arrive at the system and inspection of the unit is done after failure (called post failure inspection) to see the feasibility of its replacement. In order to increase the reliability of the system. The system is analyzed with preventive maintenance so as to increase the reliability of the system. The failure and repair time are assumed exponentially distributed. The expression of some measures of system effectiveness such as transition probability, mean time to system failure MTSF and steady state availability Ai (∞ ) were developed using kolmogrove’s forward equation method. The graphs were depicted in order to study the systemgraphically and to observe the effect of preventive maintenance and failure rate on system performance. It was found that high values of the shape parameter decreases mean time to system failure and system availability.

Keywords: Preventive Maintenance, Reliability, mean time to system failure, availability, replacement