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Effect of Banana Peduncle Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of Polyester/Banana Peduncle Fiber Composites by Edokpia R.O and Aigbodion. V.S. pp 311 – 316
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The current effort by researchers all over the world today is to develop polymer composites using natural fibers. The use of natural fiber is promising because of the ecofriendly behaviour than synthesis fiber. This work looks into the possibility of using waste banana peduncle fiber for polymer composites production. Continues fibers were produced from banana peduncle (BPF). The fiber was varies from 5 to 25wt%, hand lay method was used in the production of the polyester composites. Hardness values, tensile strength and impact energy were determined. The results showed that the mechanical properties of the composite were influenced by the varying weight percentage BPF.The hardness values, tensile strength and impact energy of the composites increase as the weight percentage of BPF increase. This work has established that waste banana peduncle can be used in improving the mechanical properties of polyester composites.

Keywords: Banana peduncle, Polyester, Mechanical properties