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Odd Generalized Exponential Inverse-Exponential Distribution with Its Properties and Application by A. Yahaya and B. Abba pp 297 – 304
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There exist remain many problems in real life where observed data does not follow any of the well-knownprobability models. To address this, there is then, a strong needto propose probability models to better capture the behavior of some real-life phenomenon.  In this paper,we propose a new lifetime distribution, called the Odd Generalized Exponential Inverse-Exponential Distribution (OGE-IED) based on the odd generalized exponential generator proposed in earlier study. The statistical propertiesof the new distribution are studied along withits reliability functions and limiting behavior. Also the distribution parameters were estimated using the method of maximum likelihood.We illustrate the flexibility of the proposed model by application to real data.

Keywords: Generalized Exponential Distribution, Inverse exponential Distribution, Moments, Moment generating function, Maximum likelihood