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63. Improving Oil and Gas Recovery Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging Tool in Obtaining Accurate Petrophysical Parameters by Ogbeide P.O. and Igbinere S.A.Volume 38, pp 489 – 494
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Ensuring higher recovery of oil and gas is a major goal for every oil and gas exploration and production company, to this end, important petrophysical parameters must be taken into consideration during well completion to enable higher recovery. One major petrophysical parameter that is needed in evaluation of hydrocarbon resources is permeability, which is a measure of the ability of permeable rock to transmit fluid. This paper focuses on improving the recovery of oil and gas using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logging tool in obtaining accurate petrophysical data to enable the perforation of zones with higher permeability and also providing accurate petrophysical data for stimulation purposes to improve the oil and gas recovery. The porosity and permeability results obtained from the use of this tool for a particular formation of interest were run in the fracCADE software. The estimated results obtained exceeded the well production results from conventional logging tool. The daily oil produced increased from 100 BOPD (conventional log) to 400 BOPD (NMR log) for well 1, while the post stimulation result for the same well 1 was 500 BOPD. Similar trend were observed in the other wells considered, suggesting that the parameters gotten from NMR log described the reservoir better when compared to conventional log and that the conventional log data underestimate the reservoir physical parameters. The nuclear magnetic NMR logging tool should be use more often during exploration and completion operations to enable improved recovery through perforation of zones of higher permeability.