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59.Angular Diversity Scheme for Dipole Antennas by A.O. Akala1, E.O. Somoye and C. Yinka-Banjo , pp 405 – 410
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This study investigates the radiation patterns of dipole antennas, aligned on x-y planes, in parallel to the z-axis.Thestudy presents a pedagogical approach to the understanding of the underlying physics of dipole antennas. We developed a computational efficient algorithm, which uses angular diversity scheme to orient dipoles to attain optimum directivity and gain.The radiation patterns in  elevation plane, for two dipoles on x-y planes, in the direction of z-axis exhibit identical properties for a pair (ɸ and [90 o– ɸ]) of the azimuth angles. In conclusion, the optimum directivity and gain for a two-parallel-dipole can be achieved at 90o elevation (x-z or y-z planes) and 45o azimuth (x-y plane).