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49. The Effects of Volume Clutter on Radar Measurements at Umuahia South L.G.A., Abia State, Nigeria by Mfonobong E. Udoekong and Ezinna L. Efurumibe Volume 38, pp 351 – 358
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Radar technology, in its wide variety of architectural design and application has been very useful, and now even more needful in combating growing security concerns, weather predictions and traffic control. Although it has the capability of overcoming common challenges like height and visibility which pose a serious concern for other detection and tracking systems, the radar system is also seriously impacted upon by clutter, which causes attenuation of either the transmitted signal, the echo signal, or in both ways. This paper takes a look at the attenuation effects of meteorological phenomena, as they affect the performance of the radar system in the detection and tracking of targets at the tropical rain forest area of Umuahia South local government area of Abia state, Nigeria. Signal attenuation by volume clutters have been seen to vary with the drop – size distribution, precipitation rate, temperature, etc. This the attenuation becomes more severe for targets that are embedded in a forested area under a rainy weather, due to the combined attenuation effect from direct rainfall, and throughfall. Thus, detection, and tracking of target under such conditions become very challenging, as the target may be lost in the clutter, thereby requiring further treatment of the signal, for a successful detection and tracking. Also, the radar operating frequency has a considerable effect in both cases.  It is required that while designing a radar system for a particular location, the rate of precipitation should be taken into consideration, and a proper means/system should be built in for volume clutter mitigation accordingly.

Keywords: Radar, clutter, rainfall, attenuation, throughfall, tracking