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48. Observation of Jatropha Caucus in manufacturing Biodiesel as Energy Resource by E.W Likta Volume 38, pp 345 – 350
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The purpose of this article is to show that biodiesel can be manufactured from Jatropha caucus as observed. It is known that Jatropha caucus has over 200 names which show the possible uses that man used and it also indicate that it grow in large-scale. The methods for the manufacturing biodiesel are Pyrolysis, Micro emulsification and Trans-esterification. The results show that Trans-esterification has higher biodiesel than the micro-emulsification and Pyrolysis.The trans-esterification of Jatropha oil to biodiesel can adequately meet the diesel demand and also energy generation.

Keywords: Methanol, Catalyst, Glycerol, Pyrolysis, Micro-emulsification and Trans-esterification.