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45. Analytical Solution to Determine the Elastic Blast Response of Two-Way Spanning Steel Panels Against Local Explosions by Nwankwo E. and Osuji O. Volume 38,pp 325 – 330
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This paper presents a simplified approach to estimate the blast resistance of two-way spanning steel slabs. Due to its high yield strength and ductility steel is a desirable material for blast protection.

Using already established methodology, a simply supported steel panel is reduced to a single degree of freedom. The steel is deemed to provide sufficient blast resistance and to be reusable. Thus blast loads are which are could be experienced from local explosives is applied a panel. A numerical integration scheme is applied to access the extent deformation in the panel.

It is observed that panels with natural frequencies within the quasi-static regime, would be able to withstand common explosions from local explosives.

Keywords: Blast, integration, single degree of freedom, velocity, acceleration