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40. Development and Analysis of a Simplified Mathematical Expression for Predicting Fossil Fuel Demand in a Refrigerated Vehicle by Oludaisi Adekomaya, Sulaiman Adedoyin and Okubanjo Ayodeji Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 285 – 290
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Energy consumption in cold chain remains a source of concern globally considering the highthermal load required to sustain low temperature condition in the cooling chamber and its attendant environmental implication. Many researchers have attributed high fossil fuel required in refrigerated vehicles on (i) heat infiltration through the metallic reinforced external wall panel while in some literatures (ii) the weight of the insulated panel could constitute extra payload on the refrigerated vehicles thereby resulting in more fossil fuel consumption. In view of the numerous mathematical prediction noticed in many literatures for estimating energy consumption in food chain, this study developed a clear-cut analysis for estimating energy demand in refrigerated vehicles taking into consideration the thermal conductivity value of the metallic sheet(>200W/m2k) and the density of existing reinforced external wall materials(2700kg/m2).

Keywords: Energy reduction, Insulated payload, Thermal conductivity, Efficiency, Insulation thickness.