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38. The Impact of Age on Body Mass Index as a Means to Study Obesity by Ikpotokin F. O and Aigboje P.I Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 483 – 488
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The International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) was established in 1994 to address the increase in the worldwide prevalence of obesity with the objectives to create awareness, develop policy recommendations, and implement appropriate strategies to manage and prevent obesity on a population basis worldwide and to be able to assess the global prevalence of obesity in children, adolescents and adult. In this paper, we have critically studied the Body Mass Index (BMI) of the Youth (adolescence and puberty) within the Ages of 16 to 25. We were able to analyzed, discovered and interpret how the BMI changes with Age. A program was also written in R Programming Language to model the relationship between the BMI and Age and able to predict the status of obesity in the Age bracket investigated using WHO's categorization.

Keywords: Population, Height, Weight, adolescents and puberty.