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37. Alternative Procedure to Determine Body Mass Index: The Toe to Ankle Technique(TAT) by F.Z. Okwonu Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 271 – 278
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This paper tends to investigate underweight, overweight and obesity using the conventional body mass index(BMI) and the proposed toe to ankle technique(TAT). The benchmark analysis is based on the world health organization(WHO) categorization of BMI. The classification of individual as overweight or obesity depends on the value of the BMI. The objective of this study is to determine the health status of an individual based on the profile variable classifications. The TAT in comparison to the BMI approach rely on the measurement of the longest toe to the ankle instead of height. Since both procedures depends on measurement and not body composition such as fat mass or fat free mass, we implore the TAT to use the BMI classification based on WHO categorization. The comparative analysis revealed that both techniques have almost the same computational values in determining the profile variables of the study group. The analysis showed that the computational transformation of the toe to ankle value can be used to predict the height of the individual. The result based on the categorization revealed that both techniques have similar BMI values on the basis of the WHO classification scale. The analysis revealed that at 95% confidence level, obesity cases was not observed rather underweight cases was reported at this confidence level.

Keywords: Body mass index; Weight; Height; Obesity; Toe to Ankle.