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34. Improved Single Truncated Acceptance Sampling Plan for Weibull Product Life Distribution by Braimah O.J, Osanaiye P.A and Edokpa I.W Volume 38, pp 451 – 460
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In this paper, an improved reliable plan is developed for products life that follows Weibull distribution when the testing is truncated at a prefixed time. This type of sampling plan is used to save the testing time in real life situations. The minimum sample size required for testing product quality to ascertain a true mean life is obtained under a given confidence level (P*), test termination ratios(t/μ_o ) and acceptance numbers(C). The operating characteristic (OC)values and curves of the plan are examined with varying ratio of the true mean life to the specified life. The minimum mean life ratio values are obtained in order to minimize the producer’s risk. The advantage of this inspection plan is that it results in better economic reliability product quality testing that protects the producer from rejecting his good lots and consumer from accepting bad lots of finished products. It also guides the producer to improve on his product’s quality. A numerical example is also discussed for illustrative purpose.

Keywords: Acceptance sampling, Reliability, Producer’s risk, Consumer’s risk, Quality control.