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31. A Model of Measles Dynamics in the Presence of Weak and Strong Vitamin A by Bolarin G. and U.A. Abdullahi Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 219 – 230
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In this paper, a non linear (M-S-V-E-I1-I2-R) compartmental model for measles has been proposed and analyzed by incorporating maternal immunity, taking into consideration the effect of vaccination and the effect of Vitamin A in the body. The system of the equations describing the phenomena is express as a system of ordinary differential equations. The two infectiousness phases was captured in the model as a result of strong and weak vitamin A in the body. From the model equations we obtained the effective reproduction number using the next generation approach and hence confirmed the criteria for local and global stability of disease free equilibrium, we showed that the disease free equilibrium is locally asymptotically stable (LAS) when  and globally asymptotically stable for   .

Keywords: Measles, Effective Reproduction Number, Disease-Free Equilibrium, Maternal Immunity, Stability.