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28. A Modified RSA Algorithm for Image Encryption by H.J. Yakubu, T. Aboiyar and S.C. Nwaosu Volume 38, pp 191 – 196
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The need for secured image communication and storage at various levels continue to draw the attention of researchers in the field of computing. Many algorithms for image encryption have been developed, and Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA)cryptosystem is one of them. Cryptanalysis has been a major source of concern (in particular the brute force attack) when designing a cryptosystem since it is assumed that the cryptanalyst knows exactly the design and working of the cryptosystem under study except the secret key. Thus, making the secret key access much more difficult to the cryptanalyst makes the encryption algorithm a more reliable one. In this paper we utilize a modified RSA algorithm for image encryption where the secret key is strengthened against the brute force attack using three primes. We used MATLAB to simulate the modified algorithm and is applied to a standard grayscale TIFF image using five different pairs of public and private keys of varying lengths.

Keywords: Cryptosystem, Cryptanalysis, Image encryption, Public/Private-key, Ciphertext.