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27. A Normative Multi-Agent Model for Dynamic E-Voting using Event Calculus Ontology by Abdulrahim A.K., Folorunso O. and Vincent O.R. Volume 38, pp 185 – 190
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This paper present a modified agent-based electronic voting system to improve conventional voting system using event calculus ontology. Voters were represented with a set of belief, desire, intention, permission, obligations and sanctions.  Obligations that distinctively classify the activities of agents into positive, negative and fluent actions were used to regulate the behaviours of the agents. Event Calculus Ontology (ECO) of first order logic was introduced to describe the knowledge representation, the integrity of agents and hosts.  Agents were time-stamped for hosts’ identification and to prevent eavesdropping on transit.The model, when compared with existing ones, outperforms those in literature with higher conformity to electoral rules, which reflects and guarantees free and fair elections.

Keywords: Norms, Multi-Agents System, Dynamic E-voting, Formalization and Event Calculus.