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26. An Enhanced Multifactor Authentication Scheme for Dynamic Online Voting System by bharalu F.T., Hammed M., Dawodu G.A., Ojesanmi O.A and Oloruntoba S.A Volume 38, pp 443 – 450
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The increasing use of the internet introduces a lot of e-crimes committed daily and this has led to challenges in the e-voting system. There are a number of researches on security issue on e-voting system, but  authentication process used by most of these efforts are very weak to validate legitimate voter which determine the faith of whole electoral process. This work proposed a multifactor authentication scheme for e-voting system. The multifactor authentication scheme provides security efficiency through what the voter knows (PIN), what the voters have (phone and email) and what the voter is (photograph). The multifactor authentication scheme is more secured in authenticating voters during e-voting process.

Keywords: E-voting System, Luhn’s algorithm, Association Rule Mining Algorithm, Convolution algorithm, Puzzles, Mobile Phone and E-mail.