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23. Isaki (1983) and Olufadi and Kadilar (2014) Variance Estimators Under Transformation of Sample Means by Audu A. and Ishaq O.O. Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 167 – 172
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Variations exist in almost everything of life. It is the law of nature that no two things or individuals are exactly alike, for instance, degree of human blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, people’s reaction to new products e.t.c. In this paper, variance estimators which utilize information on the large sample yet to be drawn have been suggested. The improvement on the existing estimators were obtained through transformation of sample variances. The bias and MSE of proposed estimators were obtained. The conditions for efficiency of the proposed estimators over some existing estimators of population variance were also obtained. The empirical study shows that the proposed estimators are more efficient.

Keywords: Bias, Mean Square Error (MSE), Variance, Estimator