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19. Effects of Chemical Absorption and Time Dependent Suction on Jeffery fluid Flow past an Infinite Vertical Plate with Heat Mass E. Omokhuale, I.J. Uwanta and A. Hussaini Volume 38, pp 127 – 138
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This study deals on Jeffery fluid unsteady with Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) heat mass transfer flow past an infinite vertical permeable plate considering chemical absorption and time dependent suction effects in the presence of radiation absorption. The dimensionless nonlinear partial differential equations are solved by perturbation method with a view to obtain approximate solutions for the velocity, temperature and concentration. Investigations were conducted to examine the effects of physical parameters embedded in the problem and displayed graphically. Expressions for Skin friction, Nusselt and Sherwood numbers were obtained and shown in tabular form. It is observed that increase in Jeffery parameter leads to a rise in the boundary layer thickness of the fluid and also as suction becomes significant the fluid velocity, temperature and concentration become lower. Furthermore, there is a good agreement with existing literatures when the results are compared.

Keywords: Magnetohudrodynamic (MHD); free convection; chemical reaction; porous medium.