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17. Higher Order Compact Finite Difference Schemes for Solving Poisson Equations Using Pade Approximation by Oyakhire F.I, Okoro F.M and Asibor R.E Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 117 – 126
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In this paper, High order compact finite difference schemes for   solving Poisson equations using Pade approximation is developed and analyzed. This scheme is based on fourth and sixth order approximation to the derivatives calculated from Poisson equations. A sixth order accurate symmetrical representation for the Dirichlet boundary condition was also developed. The efficiency and the accuracy of the scheme are validated by its application to numerical examples which has exact solutions. Numerical results show that this sixth order scheme has the expected accuracy and behaves robustly with respect to the wave number.

Keywords: Poisson equation, compact finite difference, Dirichlet boundary condition Pade approximation, Numerical analysis.