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16. Combined Effects of Heat Absorption and Chemical Reaction on Free Convective Boundary Layer flow through a Finite Vertical Porous Pipe in the Presence Suction by Okoro F.M, Asibor R.E., Omokhuale E., Aigbiremhon A.A.and Oyakhire F.I. Volume 38, pp 109
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Combined effects of heat absorption and chemical reaction on free convective boundary layer flow through a finite vertical porous pipe in the presence suction taking into cognizance a uniform magnetic field which is applied normal to the pipe was investigated. The governing equations are solved analytically by regular perturbation method. Expressions for velocity, temperature and concentration were obtained. Furthermore, the Skin friction, rate of heat and mass transfer coefficient were gotten. Lastly, the influence of physical parameters on the flow quantities were studied with the aid of graphs and Tables. It is observed that the presence of magnetic field and Prandtl numberreduces the velocity and temperature of the flow in the pipe.Also, it is observed that the temperature of the fluid rises during generative reaction and decreases during destructive reaction.A similar trend is observed for the velocity and concentration of the fluid.

Keywords: Free convection flow;heat absorption; porous pipe; mass transfer.