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15. Transient Magneto Hydrodynamics Electro-Osmotic Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis in Horizontal Channel by Okoro F.M. and Asibor R.E. Volume 38, (November, 2016), pp 99 – 108
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In this paper we investigate heat and mass transfer for Magnetohydrodynamics Electro-Osmotic (MHDEO) flow past through a horizonatal channel. The coupled non-linear equations describing the model is use to derive the similarity solution. The resulting similarity equation is solved using perturbation technique. Various flow governing parameters were investigated, reported and discussed. The parasitic drag coefficient, heat transfer at the boundary and mass transfer coefficient are derived, discussed analytically and their values for various values of physical parameter are presented through table and graphs. The well-known solutions of Newtonian and non -Newtonian Power-law fluids through non-porous and porous medium are the limiting cases of the present solutions.

Keywords: Similarity solution, Electro-Osmotic Magneto-hydrodynamics, Newtonian and non –Newtonian flow, porous channel, perturbation technique